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NIKON 35-70MM F/2.8D AF

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Photo - 101822 | 85.0 MM F/1.8 <br> Click image for more details, Click <b>X</b> on top right of image to close

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🕐 11-14-19 12:18 PMphotosphere42 posted Click to view details
Photo 101814
Photo by: yuriylux
Nice image.
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🕐 10-19-19 9:48 PMjtorral posted Click to view details
Photo: 101767
Photo by: rbfresno
Is that out of focus area post processing or rendered from the lens? I am curious since it was shot at 1.8. Regardless, its very impressive.
🕐 10-11-19 2:58 PMphotosphere42 posted Click to view details
Photo 101770
Photo by: photosphere42
Lens: Vivitar Series 1 90mm 1:2.5 MACRO.